What you need to know about Custom Embroidery

Monograms Plus is your source for embroidery on Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Aprons, Sweatshirts and just about any other athletic or corporate wear that can support a thread and needle. We do it all, from School events to Sports to Corporate Logos to Cllubs and other organizations.

Q: Do you supply the items to be embroidered?

A: Yes! Monograms Plus can supply you with highest quality, name-brand apparel that was made specifically for embroidery. We can also work with quality garments you provide for your group order..

Q: Are there minimums for an embroidery order?

A: Yes! We require a minimum of 6 garments per logo for the first order. Repeat logos have no minimums. Once we have your logo on file you can bring in as little as one item.

Q: What is the digitizing fee to setup your Logo?

A: The digitizing fee is taking your artwork and turning it into stitches for our embroidery machines to run. Our charge for a small front crest design is approximately $35.00. A large back design would be more. We can quote you on this charge after our embroidery department reviews your design. There are some limitations inherent in embroidery such as the size at which a design can reduced to and still hold the necessary detail. We can advise you as to what will and will not work for embroidery if you send us your design via email.

Q: Will there be a set-up charge if I create a design using stock designs and stock lettering?

A: There is a small, one time charge of $10.00-$25.00 for having one of our artists put your design together from stock components.

Q: Do you offer personalization?

A: Yes, we can embroider individual names on garments we supply for $5.00 per item plus an additional $2.00 for each additional line.

Q: How much does embroidery cost?

A: We realize that most shoppers start their purchasing process by comparing prices. That is very difficult when shopping for embroidery. Since no two embroidery jobs are quite alike, pricing an embroidery order is a difficult task. We can tell you that Monograms Plus offers the highest quality service at a competitive price. All designs are quoted based upon estimated stitch count and quantity, and we always offer a firm quotation of price in advance.

 Embroidered Sport examples

 Keyboard embroidery examples


Q: What do I need to supply to Monograms Plus for Artwork?

A: The better the quality of the artwork you provide, the more closely we can match what you are looking for. We prefer to work with good, clean full color renditions of the art you want reproduced. If you have a design that you are happy with, that was previously created by another embroidery shop, sending us the "tape" (the computer disk that created that design) from that job ensures a perfect reproduction, and lower setup fees. Submit the online embroidery quote request or Submit questions or comments to us on our Contact Us Page

Q: I have a logo. What disk formats can Monograms Plus work with?

A: For Embroidery artwork submissions we accept all the major bitmap formats, such as .BMP, .TIFF, .PICT, .JPG and .GIF. We prefer to work with vector formats like Illustrator and Corel.

Q: How do you send a file by E-mail?

A: File attachments are one of the best things that ever happened to E-mail, and almost every E-mail program supports this function. Attach a file, E-mail it to us at: Contact Us

Q: I got a "tape" disk from another embroiderer. My Computer says the disk is blank. . .

A: Many embroidery design disks are stored in formats that Windows or Macintosh cannot read. Don't worry, just send us the disk and we will examine it. It is probably just fine!

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