Fundraising can be a chore but it can be essential for obtaining your goals. If you are looking a great program we have something that might be of interest. Our program is set-up for individual teams as well as larger groups such as a graduating class or even the entire student body. Since every garment sold includes am imprint of your school name, it's a wonderful way to add to your school spirit.

Our program works quick and easy. You choose two to four imprinted sportswear items. We supply flyers and order forms along with a banner. Hang the banner in the cafeteria anoouncing Ex. Shirt Sale This Week... see the Cheerleaders . Each item is sold for a profit of $4.00. It's easy to see that a basic team with 12 players selling 12 items can bring in a profit of $576 without risk. A larger roup of 50 students could possibly bring in $2400. The fundraiser runs 7 days and in 2 to 4 weeks, delivery is made. Keep in mind there is no guessing in advance on garment sizes. This guarantees no left over garments to eat away at your profits.

 If you are interested in learning more about this risk-free/quick-money-makng program,


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