For over thirty years, Owners Sue Stanley & Eva Paroly have built a solid reputation as an excellent Embroidery & Screen Printing business.

"Mission Statement" 
We strive to provide customer satisfaction; to create an exceptional product, at a fair price, with a personal touch; and to become your "one-stop shop" for all your decorated apparel needs. Your satisfaction and the creation of quality decorated apparel is what Monograms Plus is all about.

Thought you might want to read about some of our unusual jobs where we have been the "Embroiderer to the Stars!" 

Tom Cruise ~ Blankets we supplied appeared in the movie "The Last Samurai" We couldn't believe it when Warner Brothers Studio called us to supply fifty purple blankets to be used as horse saddle cloths in the movie "The Last Samurai".

Danica McKellar ~ We received a call to supply a wool varsity lettermen jacket needed quickly for a NYC photo shoot.  The jacket was for the actress who starred in 80's television The Wonder Years. Danica McKellar played Kevin's girlfriend "Winnie" in the show.  We were able to get the jacket to the shoot in time.

The band KISS ~ A very good customer of ours, Jason Morris, silver medallist at the '92 Olympics, presented Jason Morris Judo Center logoed sweatshirts to the band Kiss at SPAC. Jason met the band backstage and had Monograms personalize each of the sweatshirts with the famous band member's last names.