Screen Printing Artwork Instructions

So what type artwork can you supply us with if you want to design your own artwork and save money in the process?

*Line Art Examples  black & white outline images like those found in coloring books are the type of drawing that will keep your artwork and screen set-up costs low.

Photos and color clipart artwork cannot be easily transformed into screen printable T-shirt art. Many of these files require a lot of cleanup time, hence artwork charges before the design can be ready for printing.  If you do not have vector based artwork we can create it for you. Depending on the complexity of your logo we charge very low artwork fees ranging from $10 to $50. This is a one-time art fee. If your design has multiple colors please read our Printing FAQ's

Send us your art on disk or Email Us
Acceptable Software Applications:

· Adobe Illustrator CS3
· Corel Draw (files saved as .cdr) Version 9
· PhotoShop CS3
Storage Formats:

· Flash Disk
· CD

Art Reminders:
· Convert all fonts to paths or curves. (Text converted to paths can no longer be edited as text.)
· An alternative is to include the font used to create the design.
· Multiple color jobs should be created using spot color mode rather than process color mode.

· Do not email files larger than 3 meg. Large files should be compressed
· When creating artwork, remember that our printing process may require the "trapping" of colors on multi-color jobs.

Important facts to know about sending artwork

Over the years we have found that vector (line) art works best for most products.

Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw seem to work well for saving and exporting vector art.

If for some reason you can't get the artwork to us in one of these formats we can work out other options.

If you have any questions at all about art requirements just call or email us. We are very interested in your business and will try to be as helpful as possible.

Most screen printing jobs will require at least some minimal form of art/setup. This is a one time fee that covers color separating, creating traps, film positives, etc. The closer the supplied art is to a print ready state, the cheaper the one time set up fee will be. Our art/setup charge is $30.00 per hour. Once we see the provided art work, we can give quotes for art/setup. All we can do is estimate the art/setup fee until we see the art.

The following formats are also acceptable but will require additional art fees in the range of $25.00-$50.00 depending on the time required to make the artwork ready for printing.  The higher the DPI (Resolution) the better the image.  300 DPI would work the best.

  • jpeg
  • bmp
  • tiff
  • gif

Please Note* Most clipart collections from Corel, Art Explosion, Print Master, etc. which contain mutiple colors and shadings will not be appropriate for you if you are budgeting for a one color print job. Also, if the color image is captured off the web the resolution is usually too low to work for T-Shirt art without extensive cleanup.

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