What you need to know about Custom Embroidery

Monograms Plus is your source for embroidery on Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Sweatshirts and just about any other athletic or corporate wear item that can support a thread and needle. We embroider for Sports Teams, Corporations, Clubs and other groups.

Q: Are there minimums for an embroidery order?
A: Yes! We require a minimum of 4 garments of the same logo for the first order. Repeat logo embroidery orders have no minimums. Once we have your logo on file you can order as little as one item.
Q: Do you offer personalization?
A: We do!
Q: Do you offer logo embroidery & personalization to Sage Colleges, Schenectady, Niskayuna & Scotia Fire Departments on customer supplied items?
A. Yes, we are offering embroidery on individual customer supplied items for Sage Colleges, Schenectady, Niskayuna & Scotia Fire Departments. Embroidery Services for quantity of one garment/ item is presently only offered to our Existing Repeat Clients for whom we have their logo on file. Repeat customers can provide their own garments.
Q: Do you supply the items to be embroidered?
A. Yes! Monograms Plus can supply you with highest quality, name-brand apparel that was made specifically for embroidery. We can also work with quality garments you provide for your group order.

Q. What is the digitizing fee to setup your Logo?

A. The digitizing fee is taking your artwork and turning it into stitches for our embroidery machines to run. Our charge for a small front crest design is approximately $35.00. A large back design would be more. We can quote you on this charge after our embroidery department reviews your design. There are some limitations inherent in embroidery such as the size at which a design can reduced to and still hold the necessary detail. We can advise you as to what will and will not work for embroidery if you send us your design via email.
Q: Will there be a set-up charge if I create a design using stock designs and stock lettering?

A. There is a small, one time charge of $10.00-$25.00 for having one of our artists put your design together from stock components.
Q: How much does embroidery cost?

A. We realize that most shoppers start their purchasing process by comparing prices. That is very difficult when shopping for embroidery. Since no two embroidery jobs are quite alike, pricing an embroidery order is a difficult task. We can tell you that Monograms Plus offers the highest quality service at a competitive price. All designs are quoted based upon estimated stitch count and quantity, and we always offer a firm quotation of price in advance.


Q: What do I need to supply to Monograms Plus for Artwork?

A. The better the quality of the artwork you provide, the more closely we can match what you are looking for. We prefer to work with good, clean full color renditions of the art you want reproduced. If you have a design that you are happy with, that was previously created by another embroidery shop, sending us the "tape" (the computer disk that created that design) from that job ensures a perfect reproduction, and lower setup fees. Submit questions or comments to us on our Contact Us page.

How much do shirts cost?

A. The per shirt cost varies from order to order depending on the garment style, the quantity, number of print locations, and the number of colors used. For a quote on a more complex order, please give us a call at (518) 374-5220.
Is there a minimum order?

A. It just is not cost effective for you to Reorder less than 12 items screen printed. Even if it is only 1 color and 1 location. With that being said. Our minimums are as follows: New Orders 1 color imprint 24 quantity. 2 color imprint 36 qty. 3 color imprint 50 qty, etc.
What if we need Fill-Ins/Add-Ons later on after order is completed?

A. Our minimum screen printed order for 1 color print is 12 garments.
Fill-ins and add-ons are a fact of life in sports. That being the case, we try to be as accommodating as possible when your need for 1 or 2 more uniforms arises. That said, certain costs are unavoidable and as such, there is a surcharge of $20.00-$45.00 that is necessary for any reorder under the 12 unit minimum. If your uniform has more than 1 screenprint color and/or location the surcharge is $20.00 - $45.00 per color/per location.
What do I need for artwork?

A. We can use your artwork, e-mail us and attach the file. You may call us with questions at (518) 374-5220. We have an extensive clip art collection for adding graphics to your project. Our art charge for creating artwork or making supplied art ready for print is $25 per hour.We accept artwork in the following formats: AI, EPS, PDF & PSD. GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, may require an artwork fee. For vectored formats (AI, EPS) please be sure to convert all fonts to paths. For image formats a dpi of 200 or higher is recommended. If you are using Google Images to search for ideas please make sure you are only looking in the large or extra large size just to be safe.
What is a screen charge?

A. An individual screen is needed for each separation in a design. There is one screen for each color of ink used on the press. We charge $15 per screen. On reorders with a 12 piece minimum there is a $10.00 reorder set-up charge per screen . The screen charge is for preparing the screens for print, you do not own the screens and they cannot be taken from our factory.
What are separations?

A. Separations refer to the film positives or vellum created for the individual colors of a design. There is one separation for each color of ink used on the press. The cost for creating color separations for your order can be determined by the art staff after reviewing your design. You will be quoted before any work is done.
For any other questions, please call us at (518) 374-5220